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Call for Applications: CNS Summer School 2020

Center for Advanced Studies (Sarajevo) in cooperation with its partners is organizing the 10th Summer School. The program is designed for senior BA and MA students. Lectures will cover mainly the following two topics: Key issues in contemporary Islamic thought Islam in Europe. PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS The program offers 14 hours …

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IIIT European Summer School – Bosnia 2020

The IIIT European Summer School Islam in Europe: Challenges of Pluralism offers unique tools to navigate our reality and world with its rapidly growing pluralistic scene. In order to successfully tackle the challenges in this context, the program offers academically rigorous and innovative analysis and solutions delivered by diverse and internationally acknowledged …

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The Migrations of Bosniaks to Turkey from: The Case of Sandžak

In April 2016 Center for Advanced Studies published the book The Migrations of Bosniaks to Turkey from 1945 to 1974: The Case of Sandžak by Sabina Pačariz. The migrations of Bosniaks toward Turkey comprise a phenomenon that contains numerous historical narratives within itself, but also vividly illustrates the political and socio-cultural surroundings of a particular …

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Conversation with Dr. Farid Hafez

Conversation conducted by: Harun Karčić Scholars on race and racism today would argue that race is a product of racism rather than the departing point of racism. In other words, it has no ontological meaning in the first place. It is a construction imagined by the racists themselves. Racialization then …

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